White boards are always most preferred over the black boards to get rid of the dusting and inappropriate writing system. Either a user is a teacher or a trainer they prefer white boards which are user friendly, mobile, sturdy and durable. Keeping in mind all these things here are categories of boards of different uses and for different purposes.

White board is also known as pen board, dry-wipe board, marker board, and dry ease board. Mobile Whiteboard is a double sided board which is mounted on a lightweight aluminum frame. User can adjust these boards according to their need. These double sided boards have magnetic surface which provide you the smooth writing and erasing. You can use it for training purposes, planners, memos etc.


  • Precise
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Movable

Notice boards are also known as pin board. Notice boards are available in different categories like felt notice boards, cork notice boards, portable notice boards, fire resistant, reception area notice board, anti-bacterial notice board, environmental notice board. Notice boards as the name suggests are used to display any kind of notices or circulars or news or bulletins.

This Fabric pin board comes in different ranges small, medium or large. The larger whiteboards are generally used in schools, colleges, coaching institute that is used for study purpose.


But the major challenge you will find in these boards is to buy them. The major difficulty is to go in shop, buy it and to transport.


 But now there is a solution, you can order it online. Either you want white mobile boards, magnetic boards, notice white board or pin board, all of them are available online.

Ordering online is very easy task and beneficial as well, as they will deliver it at your location at no extra cost and they will provide you some discount as well.

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