Which is the Best Website to Sell Used Car

The digital channels have changed the way we sell and buy things today. The growth of e-commerce shows that the outlook of the buyers is changing. Today people are more comfortable buying things, including used cars, online. But this also brings up the problem of choice for a seller.

With the so many websites and portals which is the best website to sell used Ford EcoSport in Bangalore?

Genuine Buyers

Always go for a website that has genuine buyers. There are many portals who have their own background verification process for the buyers. It is better to sell your used cars on these portals because at least you know who is purchasing your car.

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Certification Services

A buyer of second hand car will always look for a certified cars. There are some websites where you can list your car but the inspection and the certification has to be done by you. So even if you are genuine, the buyers may find your car’s certification dubious and insist on reducing the selling price. So ideally you should sell your car on websites that have their own certification process and who offer free inspection for your car.

Wider Reach

There are some portals who offer services only in metro cities. If you are not fussy about geographic location, then opt to sell your car on a website that offers services in even tier 1 cities. This will help you reach out to more number of buyers.

Paperwork Assistance

There are legal formalities that need to be completed by the buyer after you sell the car. If the ownership is not transferred then any liability arising with the car becomes your responsibility. So you should sell your car on a website that guarantees transfer of ownership and takes responsibility for it.

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