Which is the best cloud based contact management system product?

Although CRM solutions are continuously growing in popularity, many still doubt the necessity of investing in such applications. Cloud-based ones seem to be the most advantageous and they might help you get incredible profits for the same load of working hours. CRM solutions are developed for managing the interactions between the customer and the company itself. By managing a variety of tasks and automating those, these systems have the capability of doubling the sales inside a company, regardless of the industry in which it activates. Many products of this kind also feature cloud based contact management system products, as part of a bigger ensemble. Contact management automation, has also been proven to simplify the tasks of any given sales department. Below is a list of some of the most efficient and popular cloud based contact management system products.

Bpm’online – Excellence in terms of web based contact management

Bpm’online may be one of the most popular vendors in the industry. You can visit the official website if you’re interested in finding out more about the company itself. Besides bespoke CRM solutions, the company is putting continuous efforts into developing cloud contact management systems by using an incredible technology. Obviously, the system is offering incredible advantages for those using it.

  • 360 degrees customer view. By gathering all the information on clients from multiple sources, this is one of the most complex advantages offered by the bpm’online contact management system.
  • Increased collaboration capabilities. The complex, yet friendly interface is allowing increased interactions between multiple departments inside a company, but also between the company and its clients. Keeping track of contacts, tasks and approvals become surprisingly easier with the bpm’online cloud based contact management system.
  • Increased mobility for all users. The great thing about this system is that it also has a mobile-friendly interface. This will boost the productivity of the sales team, and in many cases, even double it.

These are only few of the advantages offered by this system. Considering the fact that it offers comprehensive solutions for various departments inside a company, its utility doesn’t need to be proven anymore.

Sugar CRM

Another user-friendly and advantageous CRM system that offers cloud based management solutions is Sugar CRM. Used by a continuously increasing number of companies around the world, the system seems to offer a great solution for those who want to boost their productivity and sales volume. The system is also mobile-friendly, and offers a little extra for each department. Some of the most useful features this system is packing are as described below.

  • Productivity management;
  • Group management;
  • Lead management;
  • Shared contracts;
  • Filtering options;
  • Contact interaction tracking features;
  • Email marketing solutions;
  • Customer pipeline.

Cumulated, these features bring the great advantage of automating some of the most complex processes inside a company and keeping track of interactions between various departments and the customer and company.

AmoCRM cloud based contact management system

Taking contact management to a whole new level amoCRM is yet another popular choice of those that aim to increased collaboration capabilities, and subsequently, increased productivity and sales. Aiming to develop a useful product, the vendor in continuously improving the system, based on customer feedback. With multiple deployment options, from which the most popular is the cloud one, amoCRM is also supported on mobile devices, boosting the productivity of the always-on-the-go sales team. Using the system comes with numerous advantages, as listed below.

  • Contact management;
  • Activity management;
  • Contact import and export capabilities;
  • Contact history;
  • Shared contact capabilities.

AmoCRM is offering reliable solutions for those looking forward to maintaining a close relationship with their clients and to boost their productivity.

Pipedrive contact management software

Pipedrive is maybe one of the most popular systems of this kind, next to bpm’online. It also has increased contact management capabilities and it manages with success plenty of internal processes from various departments. Also with a friendly mobile interface, it succeeds to offer a reliable solution in terms of increased sales. Packed with smart tools and features, it offers similar advantages as the other products. Its popularity emerges from the amazing technology with which it is packed, but also from its ability to boost sales and productivity.

  • Lead management features;
  • Contact management features;
  • Prospecting tools;
  • Contact import and export tools;
  • Shared contacts features.

These are some only few of the advantages offered by the Pipedrive system. Make sure to look into it if interested in similar products.

These incredible apps will certainly boost your company’s productivity and sales volume, oftentimes doubling it. However, make sure to assess your company’s necessities and select the right one for you. Not all these products are the same and you will certainly need to follow a deep analysis process before selecting one.


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