What Are Pallet in Pallet Shippers?

It is a term not often heard beyond the logistics and packing industry, pallet in pallet shippers are best described as a dynamic design which provides palletised loads, maximum capacity and a cost-effective way of moving freight.

However, with pallet in pallet shipments is a brilliant way of keeping an entire pallet load of goods at a designated temperature. The temperature-controlled environment allows for sensitive produce to be moved in large (pallet loads) quantities and maintain such a thermal state throughout its transit.

Pallet in pallet shippers are used extensively by industries such as the Life Sciences sector, Biotech Industry and Agricultural Sector, all of which demand products are safely and securely moved in a timely manner and with temperatures kept at the very marker demanded by the manufacturer.

Life Sciences will move items like vaccines, blood samples and inoculations. The Biotech industry could be moving anything from human tissue to contaminated matter for testing.

Agricultural firms often send fresh produce with an absolute need for the foodstuff to be shipped at a very cold temperature. Seafood, in particular, must often be moved as quickly as possible to maintain its freshness and frozen state. Often seafood will go from sea to plate in less than 24 hours. Because there are large quantities demanded by the top restaurants across the cities and towns of Great Britain, pallet in pallet shipping is extensively used.

The Dynamic Features of Pallet in Pallet Shipments

Using this method of shipping means conforming to US and EU industry standards. It can also come in different configurations of one or two pallet loads. The key feature of pallet in pallet shippers is the proven and well-maintained temperature throughout transit.

There are also different levels of temperature that can be chosen: frozen, chilled or ambient. Conditioning and assembling the pallet in pallet shippers is very easy and straightforward. It takes very little training of warehouse and logistics staff to create a pallet in pallet shipper.

The stage at which the pallet in pallet shippers are made is innovate in design. The supply of these pallets comes in flat pack form so logistics companies and temperature-controlled shippers can order several at a time. The pallets in pallet shippers are very robust and its tough design means they can be used over and over again. All pallet in pallet shippers are constructed from recyclable materials.

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