Typing can never replace the beauty and grace of cross pens and parker pens, so buy pens online

Now a day’s computer has dominated our life but even the researchers suggest that the mastery of penmanship bring into play very different cognitive processes. When was the last time you used one of the parker pens or the sheaffer pen from your collection to write a love letter to your better half? When was the last time you used cross pens to make your shopping list? Don’t you think that you don’t even remember when was the last time you wrote “a proper letter”? When you went to get stationery items like card holder, pen, pencil, beautiful notebooks etc.? If you are too busy to go to market have you ever thought to buy pens online? Have you ever thought why we were so much moved by the manuscripts of the author? The reason for that is handwriting brings us closer to intimacy of the author.

We all know that in the recent years handwriting has declined. With the help of information technology one can write so fast that handwritten copy is fading. Now-a-days students are taking notes on their laptops and don’t even know the exoticism of cursive writing with cross pens or sheaffer pen and parker pens I know that with typing you can get different fonts and colors but somehow you lose your identity with that. Earlier handwriting was the identification mark for the people and express their personality.

Typing is nothing because all you have to do is press the key and your task is done. Handwriting is a complex task in which you need to master different skills like holding the pens correctly, moving it towards right direction, feel of the pen and the paper and intimating movement of thoughts & the storage via  a card holder. Handwriting is the result of your body movement whereas typing is not. Drawing everything with the hand helps you to get a better recognition. I don’t think so that you want to hinder your child growth by giving him/her computers. Instead of buying tablets online buy pens online for them.

So, instead of having a love affair with the keyboard start romancing with the parker pens or cross pens &  sheaffer pen. Stationeries are a forever memory as I still remember how much my father adores the card holder that I gave him. Be happy when your kid buy pens online and get their shopping cart filled with parker pens, cross pens, sheaffer pen ,card holder or any other thing like that. As I know those were the happy days when I come home with the bag full of colored pens and stationery and was too excited to use all of them.

Make handwriting alive so that we can leave those soulless keyboards behind.

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