Top 5 Tips for choosing the best skip

When it comes to choosing the best skip for your project, it usually depends on the type and volume of waste that you expect to be generated. Wigan Skip Hire provide a wide range of domestic and commercial skips which makes it somewhat easier for you to find one that suits your requirements.

There are several factors that you need to consider when hiring a skip for your project, especially if you’re to choose the best one. One of the main factors to consider, to ensure that you get the best value for your money, is the type of waste.

Domestic Waste

If you’ve decided to clear out your attic or to update your property, you may come across items that have been sat around collecting dust. The waste materials that you find from your renovation, refurbishment or clear out can be disposed of in one of the skips that Wigan Skip Hire provides for Skip Hire Wigan or Skip Hire Chorley.

Wigan Skip Hire has developed a wealth of experience when it comes to Skip Hire Chorley, so if you require any advice or support choosing an appropriate skip, be sure to find out more today!

  • Skips for DIY Projects

Whether you’re planning to remove kitchen cabinets or bathroom fixtures from your property, you’re sure to benefit from Domestic Skip Hire Bolton! The 4-cubic yard skips are often recommended for small DIY projects, providing you with more than enough space to get rid of the unwanted items that your project throws up.

  • Skips for Garden Waste

Skip Hire Bolton is guaranteed to make it easier for you to dispose of garden waste. The skips provided by Wigan Skips are ideal if you’ve recently undertaken maintenance work on your property or garden space.

Decided to cut the lawn, remove old shrubs and trees? The 6-cubic yard domestic skips are best used for such projects and some of them are designed to incorporate a drop door that allows you to load it with waste quickly and easily, ensuring that the mess is kept to a minimum.

  • Skips for home Renovation Projects

Renovating your home requires an immense amount of planning and investing in Skip Hire Leyland will enable you to manage the waste that your project generates, effectively.

Wigan Skips supply the 8-cubic yard builder skips for Skip Hire Leyland which are ideal if you’re looking to create additional space in your home. The 8-yard skips are perfect for storing all kinds of waste materials, generated from a renovation project, allowing you to dispose of and store unwanted items safely.

Commercial Waste

Perhaps you’re undertaking construction work? If this is the case, Wigan Skip Hire can help you to dispose of the waste from repairs or demolition projects with ease. Whether it be bricks, rubble or mortar, commercial waste can be thrown in one of the skips offered for Skip Hire Wigan.

  • Skips for Property Clearances

If it’s time to upgrade your home or your office, Wigan Skip Hire have just the solution for you. Skip Hire Preston is a convenient way to remove waste from your property clearance- especially if the waste is generated on a wide scale.

The 12-cubic yards are extremely spacious and are designed to store lightweight materials only. These skips are best used for projects that produce a significant volume of waste, ensuring that your property is kept neat and tidy.

  • Skips for Shop Refits

Commercial Skip Hire Preston is also provided by Wigan Skips. They offer an array of skips, so you needn’t worry about finding one that suits your project. The 12-16 cubic yard skips are the smallest commercial skips that are available, offering ample storage space. They are often the preferred choice of customers who are undertaking improvements on their retail business.

Wigan Skips provide the 16-cubic yard skips to suit the demands of customers who require skip hire on a long-term basis- offering a cost-efficient solution for disposing of waste.

Should you need to know more about selecting a suitable skip for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts today, simply call 01942 597 358!

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