Three Temporary Warehouse Structures to Buy

Established in 1998, Temporary Warehouse Structures offer industrial grade tent structure perfect for a movable temporary warehouse. This American company is the first to provide tent structures exclusively. Composed of aluminum extruded rafters, galvanized steel inserts, and steel purlins, the available structures are heavier.

The Temporary Warehouse Structures provide products with Thermo Roofs that has no water accumulation at its eaves, a dead air space insulation factor, anti-wind flutter, and add more strength to the structure. The company also has two-ply air-inflated roof fabric which is better compared to the regular single ply fabrics.

Craftsmanship, superior material, and high quality are just some of what the Temporary Warehouse Structures offer. For people who are interested in buying temporary storage buildings for sale, they can choose from the three listed below.

  1. Temporary Buildings and Structures for Business Continuity

There are times when floods, fires, storms and other natural disasters happen and affect businesses. These unfortunate events can cause a big damage to a company’s production and operations. With the help of Temporary Warehouse Structures, businesses who experience these disasters can quickly recover.

Most often, the time structure expenses are covered by insurances under business interruption category. With the temporary structure, a business can continue its business operations while the company building is being rebuilt or fixed.

  1. Flex Space for Oil Field Services

Most, if not all industries in the field of energy frequently changes its geographical locations and continuously adjusts to economics. A cost-effective solution is offered by Temporary Warehouse Structures. The never-ending removal and installing of structures in the energy industry make Temporary Warehouse Structure an excellent candidate for the job.

The structure company boasts of an on-site safety record during installation and removing of structures. The safety of the employees and the job site are the company’s top priorities. The energy companies can choose to lease a structure, or Temporary Warehouse Structure can merely relocate a previously purchased structure.

The Temporary Warehouse Structure is capable of removing a structure as big as 5000 square feet from a site, transport it and has it installed on another location in as fast as one week to a maximum of ten days. The company ensures a speedy delivery of portable buildings which are rugged, durable and made from high-quality materials for various oils, energy, natural gases or other supporting services.

  1. Lunch Tent for Construction Sites

Construction sites are all about semi-permanent meeting areas. A warehouse space is offered by Temporary Warehouse Space for shift changes, safety meetings, and a crew change all throughout the day. Spaces that range from temporary to semi-permanent are available.

These construction tents are large enough to accommodate 100 or 1000 people. With temperature controlled environment and construction safety features, the tent can shelter both construction materials and employees from changes in weather and seasons.

The tent’s unique features make them great for petrochemical, industrial and construction sites. The tents can either be rented or purchased to provide an alternative to permanent structures.

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