Things To Consider When Drafting A Cyber Security Company Policy

Since the rise of GDPR, there is a larger emphasis on companies to protect customer information and sensitive data. Security breaches can occur in several ways, whether it’s external through hackers or internal because the correct security procedures aren’t in place or haven’t been followed properly. They’re becoming far more vulnerable to security breaches and because of this, there’s a larger emphasis on security policies to be stricter so that there is less chance of a breach occurring.

Consider the standard security procedures already in place

When drafting up your policy, try to incorporate the already existing data protection policies into the draft that’s being written. It’s better to be safe than sorry so analyse these existing policies and whether they’re fit for purpose and then adapt or add to them. Another consideration is identifying which assets are core to the business’ prime data protection function. If failure to the system occurs they can be financially damaging to a company. Small businesses, in particular, would want to look at cyber insurance policies to understand what’s covered already.

Determine who has the rights to access the information

People who are chosen to protect and manage data is extremely important. It’s good to outline how the information is accessed and what system is used to do this. Also included in the policy is if any breaches were to occur what sanctions will be taken to resolve it. Manual oversight is also possible for companies where a designated person is chosen from each department to manage risk. If so, make sure the person who should be reported to is responsible, reliable and trustworthy as this individual will be the point of contact.

Make everyone aware of what is important

There will be points made in the policy which would have to be mandatory action to take for everyone to make this clear. This will separate the recommendations from the required steps. If you feel it will be helpful, there can be an FAQ provided as part of the policy which will outline common questions from the policy. This can make some situations easier to deal with and more efficiently. Just make the tone more friendly from the main policy.

It’s always beneficial to implement a cybersecurity policy in a business as more and more companies store their data digitally and on cloud networks. Insurance brokers like Caunce O’Hara highly recommend in doing this also so that you’re protected and are in less risk of gaining major fines.

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