Technology And Change In Human Needs

Since the daytechnology got involved in the lives of human beings, it changed the life circles and living standards of people. The businessis being directed inseveral ways now, people buy goods and services electronically and in the same way people started to make themselves happy, pleased and joyfulin a different manner.

However, there are many high-tech developments being marketed these days but here we are available withsome of the new interactive technological advancements like Video Walls that can surprise the human mind.

Interactive Video Walls

Digital video walls consist of several monitors, LCDs, LEDs andpanels linked together closely to form one large and a big screen. The screen of such a video wallis designed in a narrow bezel shape so that there should be a minimal gap in between the lively display areas and as a result the viewer should be able to have a perfect view of the video.

These interactive video walls contain a processor called as a “video wall controller” whose function is to split a single image into many parts to be displayed on one individual screen. It is required to use several monitors andpanels togetherrather than using a single big screen for a video wall because of the following factors as mentioned below:

  • The pixel density and the display resolution might be affected using a single big screen
  • It is very expensive to produce a big screen and will most probably disturb the customer purchasing power
  • It is also very risky to use a single big screen consideringany damage situation as it is easy and cost beneficial to repair one or two screens, monitors or LCDs rather than damagingthe whole screen

Digital Video wallmade up entirely of Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD) panels is named as LCD videowall and LED video wall respectively, if it is made up of LED panels completely.

LCDs are cheap to buy as compared with LEDS and have ultra-high-resolution display. Due to this abilityof their high visuals, LCD video walls can show text, pictures, images and videos in a very perfect manner. However,the capability of LEDshas improved in terms of providing high resolution from the past period but still does not provide the highest visualization display as that of LCD video walls.

Other category of Digital video wall involves digital projection video wall display. Such a video wall is ideal for control room users who require one-piece display.Digital projection videowallhassuperb image quality, has proficient performance and is highly reliable. This technology video wall has a tremendous power to show high resolution images, texts, pictures,videos and graphics along with the topmost level of color accuracyas compared with other LED or LCD video walls.


The video wall applications and appliances are being used worldwide. To be specific, these video walls are being used in:

  • Broadcasting
  • Integrating power and energy systems
  • Monitoring data
  • Organizing defense
  • Public and emergency services
  • Security andsurveillance services
  • Organizing intelligent traffic systems
  • Conducting advertisement and marketing services etc., and many more.

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