Robotic Surgeries

One of the main reasons why many industries introduced cobots to help with the production processes was because of the positive benefits. Cobots changed the way manufacturing industries did things. With them, there was better flexibility, more productivity, a cut down on run-time costs, less risks, physical health protection from debris and other hazardous materials and there was less fatigue at work places.

This is because the present-day robot assembly is very different from the traditional industrial robots that many processing plants and industries used in the past. Today’s robots can work alongside humans without interfering with their day-to-day activities. That is why they are called collaborative.

Another industry that benefits very much by using cobots in some of their activities is the hospital. Many hospitals today used robotic arms to help with surgeries. One of the main manufacturers of these robotic arms is Universal Robots. Robotic arms from Universal Robots are very flexible, safe, affordable and trendy. They feature all the newest technological trends in the market and many countries all across the globe use them. You can read more about these human friendly robots by logging into the Universal Robots website.

Areas of the body that require robotic surgeries most

The following parts of the body benefit most from robotic surgeries. These are all very delicate places to operate on and they require a lot of concentration and man-hours to carry out diagnostic procedures. They are;

  • Kneecaps
  • Lungs
  • Kidneys
  • Colon
  • Bladder
  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Uterus
  • Prostrate
  • Oesophagus
  • Blood vessels
  • Brain

How robotic arms benefit in surgeries

We all know that surgeries are very delicate procedures and very difficult. They require concentration, a clear mind and precision. A small mistake can end the life of a person in a second. Some of these procedures are so difficult and intricate for the humans to carry on that the adaptation of robots is a necessity. Robot assisted surgical procedures are less risky than procedures carried out by humans.  The benefits derived from using robotic arms in surgeries for both the patients and surgeons are

For the patient

  • Less invasive

Using robots for surgeries is less invasive as the body gets fewer nicks and punctures. They also save situations especially if a Doctor has tremors that can adversely affect a procedure.

  • Smaller incisions

Because the robotic arms are less invasive, scars after surgeries are also less small.

  • Minimal pain after surgery

Patients who go through robotic surgery report less pain after the procedures

  • Less blood loss

There is minimal blood lost during robotic surgery procedures

  • Can operate hard to reach areas

When a person needs surgery on hard to reach areas like major body organs or blood vessels, robotic arms come in handy. They can easily manipulate their way around any body part, which makes it less risky for the patient.

  • Shorter recovery time

Patients that go through robotic surgery report less time to recover and go back to their normal duties almost immediately after the process

  • Less stay in hospital

Because the healing time is faster after a robotic surgical procedure, patients take less time in a hospital bed. This also saves them from paying huge medical bills

  • Fewer infection risks

Robotic surgeries have minimal risks of infection as compared to surgery done by humans. This also translates to faster healing times and less pain

For the surgeon

  • Enhanced view of the procedure

The surgeon is able to follow all the proceedings from a centralised place using a high definition camera

  • Better dexterity

The robot arm moves at better dexterity than a human hand, which saves the doctor especially if he cannot reach some particular areas of the body with ease

Wrapping it up

Robotic surgeries are the way to go for many hospitals nowadays. In the end, they save the hospitals a lot of costs and make life easier for both the patients and the surgeons. Universal Robots is leading the way in manufacturing some of the best surgical robots in the market.

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