Review of TraderVC: A CFD Trading Platform

After a recommendation from a friend that makes extra money by trading on TraderVC, I decided to try it out for myself and write a review myself so that others knew what to expect. I am new to trading so needed a site that I could use to trade that didn’t have tons of jargon that I had to translate before I could start; and from the TraderVC review I had read, plus recommendation from a friend of mine, I decided to bite the bullet.

The first thing I wanted to check was there details to ensure that everything was legit. I didn’t want to place all my trust on the TraderVC review that I had read; after all it was my money I was going to part with. I found a support phone number, live chat, contact form via their site, as well as an email address so was pretty confident that I would be able to get in touch with a member of the team should I need to. The fact that the headquarters address was also on the site gave me more confidence in parting with my money in the hope to benefit.

Once confident enough, I looked to see what type of accounts were available, and how I could make transactions. To my surprise, as well as the common online payment platforms including PayPal and Skrill, I was also able to deposit and withdraw via wire transfer, Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro.  I was also able to trade in dollars, British pounds, or euros.

I looked into the history of the company too and the people that had established it, you can never be too careful with new sites. To my relief I found that it had been set up by professionals including those with broker experience, experts in finance and investors so I was in good hands.

Being new to trading I was pleased to see that as in the Trader VC review that I had read previously the platform was simple to use. You just choose what asset you want, with a minimum deposit of $250, from a huge choice of 160, choose when you want it to expire, the investment amount and decide whether to call or put in line with your prediction.  Once I had made a profit I was able to make a withdrawal request and a few days later it was wired to my bank account.

The fact that I could use the platform from my browser was a plus point as I didn’t fancy taking up space on my computer by downloading and installing software that could potentially put my computer at risk. This also gives the option to trade away from home, with internet access and your login credentials. There is even a mobile app.

On opening you have to make an investment to begin trading. The minimum amount is $250. Sign up however is free if you want to get used to navigating the site before making a deposit. There’s a fixed return on investments which is what makes binary options so popular with a payout ratio of about 85%. As a new trader I didn’t want to hedge all my bets at once so stuck to those with a moderate risk while I got used to the site.

To conclude my Trader VC review I am happy overall with the fact that the site provides tutorials and tools to help minimise risk. Thankfully a totally legitimate company where I had and continue to have the opportunity to supplement my income.

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