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It is true that blogging make money for you, you can grow more and more till you provides what a reader wants from you, sharing of useful information over your blog attracts more and more readers towards it and help you in growing more community to listen to your words and can get benefit from that. Readers need exactly what they want to be read, talking circumlocution or in a roundabout manner  might distract them and they are sure going to close the tab and never visit your blog again as the first impression will be the last impression. So always providing exactly they want helps you get more readers than the usual blog post. According to WordPress 1.97 million posts are written every day. says there are 31 million bloggers in the United State alone. Just think about the numbers of posts and the number of bloggers they are almost 17 times more than the posts. So you can easily get more number of visitors or readers to your blog posts. And if your posts are more attractive you can easily get more reader than you are expecting. You can grow your blog more by making it readers digestive.

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How to make your post more attractive and reader friendly?

You can make a relevant post on the topics that are of interest of users, if the users get exactly what they want, then your blog will sure have more than the readers you had expected. You can make your posts attractive by following a few steps and can grow more audience to your blog. Each time when you think making a post, get rid of what is trending the most of the readers are looking for. You have to answer yourself why the readers should read your blog? Are they getting what they really want? You should write content that drives people to change. You are more or less comfortable expressing yourself.

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