How to Design the Perfect Garden

When the time comes to rip out all that old dull grass and give your garden a bit of TLC coming up with the perfect design can be daunting. If you haven’t naturally got an artistic eye, then it’s very easy to end up with something much more simple and plain than you actually want. but how do you plan the perfect outdoor space? To make the most of space and money.

The main things when starting to design your garden is not to rush, especially if its winter. It is better to wait for the warmer weather to come in and then visit public gardens for inspiration. Flower shows can also provide you with plenty of ideas that you can put into your design. Going for the first thing that comes into your head is a bad move as you will more than likely become bored of it and want to do something else.

Evaluate your space well. The average garden, especially if you are located more in a town or city is relatively small compared to those in villages or out in the country side. This greatly affects what you can achieve. Don’t be tempted to cram things into a small garden as this will only make it appear smaller. Equally make sure a large garden has just enough going on to keep it from looking empty and dull.

With clever planning and placements there is no reason you cannot create something spectacular in a small space. Using materials that lighten up the space and that also don’t take up too much room also helps to give an illusion of a bigger garden.

A larger garden can be split into various sections to break up the space, this makes the overall picture more interesting. Trying to mix up materials, using natural sandstone paving in parts of the garden instead of full grass can help to give your garden a beautiful finish.

If you have something big and extravagant in mind, then maybe it’s worth hiring somebody with experience to help you. Things like finding the best materials for you to use and how to layout your plans are massive factors that you don’t want to get wrong

Lay out a clear cost available. There would be nothing worse than starting your garden getting most of the way through to run out of money to complete it properly. Done correctly gardens, especially those using stone paving can last years, they are not something you want to cut costs on.

Take into consideration how much time you have to spend in the garden. There is no point having a garden full of plants flowers and grass if you don’t have the time to upkeep them. In this case look into something that is mainly paving. This allows you to still have a lovely finish, without the maintenance needed for plants.

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