How Restoration/Conservation Architects Use Crowdfunding

India is blessed with numerous cultural and architectural heritage structures like buildings, monuments, temples, librariesetc, many of which are even declared World Heritage sites by the UNESCO. Unfortunately, only a few of the heritage sites are protected. Many of the unprotected ones are in a sad state owing to the limited infrastructure and lack of conscious measures to repair and maintain these architectural sites. One of the biggest reason for it is the limitation of funding required to undertake renovations on such large scales. Online fundraising in such cases may come as a blessing. By encouraging a fundraising india, we could potentially fund the maintenance work of some, if not all these structures. Read on to find out how.

Role of a fundraising india in architectural conservation

  1. Securing legal work and getting prior permissions for the conservation of an architectural monument.
  2. It would be vital to put together a strong team of experts would have to create an elaborate conservation plan based on extensive research and development.
  3. For the purchase of high quality building material and equipment, the person spearheading the initiative could raise money of one or more crowdfunding websites like Impact Guru.
  4. Cost of manpower and labour for the period during which the conservation measures will take place, can be funded through the crowdfunding campaign.
  5. A number of other miscellaneous and incidental expenses that are sure to arise, can also be covered through your crowdfunding efforts.

The rich history of our country is defined by our cultural and architectural sites, facilitating a fundraising india for conservation can be a game changer in protecting our history. At Impact Guru, we urge anyone and everyone passionate about this cause to raise money for it by mobilizing people through a campaign for awareness, and asking for donations towards renovation of one or more structures. Our team of crowdfunding experts will be there to guide you throughout your fundraising journey. So take the initiative today!

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