Get The Rims Financed Easily  is an online portal for financing rim for wheels. is competing with its 92 brands. This portal is known for its loyalty and brand exclusivity. They provide you with the precise brand for your vehicle which fits your vehicles configuration and your wheels.

Finding a correct rim which fits the vehicle is a difficult task as it requires software, toolbox etc as well as it requires applications and various inventory rims. Rim steps up to all these difficulties, they provide you with the best solutions for your vehicle with exceptional configurations, and best suited sizes and shapes of the rims.

Rim financing carries more than 4000 different rim styles and you can easily choose among this variety which were convenient and precisely configures your vehicle.

Financing through rim is not a difficult task

It is very easy task for financing rims through rim as there is no need to submit any documents or credits. All you need is an active checking account. The approval amount to active the account is purely based on monthly income. They also provide you with the 90 days same as cash policy. After you have completed your whole application process they will not take a more than an hour to give you a response.

iConfigurator: New application in Rim

Now Rim is also starting their new process iConfigurator which is a new concept for wheel applications but it is under development. also takes care about their client’s budget. They will provide you with the best brand, style and value under your budget.


  • More than 4000 varieties.
  • Low down payment
  • Low prices
  • Low (affordable) monthly payments

New in

  • Latest Airless tire and wheel combo
  • New car accessories for serious owners.

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