Gate Valves

When it comes to the GWC Valves company, they specialize in having efficient, reliable and unique valves that are crucial for different organizations that operate and use heavy machinery. One of their most popular valves is the gate valve and this is also known as a sluice valve. This gate valve works by being able to open and lift a round or rectangular gate or wedge out of the path of the fluid. When it comes to all of these valves, they all have unique features that distinguish them from other valves; they are far from being the same valve. These gate valves are usually used for s straight-line flow of fluid and more minimum restriction of the fluid. Sometimes depending on what kind of fluid is passing through the valves, there is an even thicker one which is known as a knife gate valve and this knife gate valve is used to basically cut through this thick liquid or substance.

A gate valve is more known as a threaded stem that is able to connect with the actuator for example a motor to the gate. They have a rising or non-rising stem and rising stems are fixed to the gate and will rise and lower together when the valve is operated which the non-rising stem is fixed to it and will rotate with the actuator and is threated into the gate rather than threated to the stem to move it.  It is important for the GWC Valves company to be expert engineers and understand what kind of valves they are manufacturing, the unique features about them and what benefits they are to certain industries. The company serves the oil and gas industry, the petrochemical industry, along with chemical industries, power industries, mining and minerals industry, and the exploration and production industry and they all have heavy machinery equipment in common to get the job done properly.

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