Food Festival Fridge Hire

The Great British Food Festival at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire is a food festival which you must put in your diary.

It’s open on the 22nd and 23rd July and promises that it’s more than “just another food festival.”

Knebworth is world famous as a music festival site and it was the home of the Victorian novelist Edward Bulwer Lytton.

Today, Knebworth hosts corporate events, weddings and festivals in the delightful grounds.

At the Great British Food Festival, attendees will be able to enjoy local food and drink and see guests from the hugely popular Great British Bake Off.

The food festival attracts the discerning palates of professionals and food lovers.

Exhibitors at the Great British Food Festival appeal to every culinary taste and there’ll be approximately one hundred vendors and exhibitors with mouth-watering fare, in both food and drink.

If you are one of the many exhibitors, or wish to be, then you’ll need to prepare your finest dishes and samples and relish the opportunity to meet likeminded foodies.

A whole weekend of eating, sleeping and breathing in the aromas and experiencing food combinations you hadn’t thought of as workable.

Could there be a better way to spend a summer’s weekend?

For the food exhibitors and retailers an essential part of the weekend, provided the weather is hot, is how to maintain the quality of stock and storage in legislation meeting facilities.

The answer for many exhibitors is to take advantage of fridge trailer rental from established fridge hire firms like Icecool Trailers. This offers peace of mind and is cost effective.

You’ll be able to enjoy your time at Knebworth safe in the knowledge that you won’t inadvertently give one of the Great British Bake Off guests a touch of food poisoning, without breaking the bank in the process.

The products are kept in the best possible manner which they’ll need to be to impress food industry stalwarts who know the rules and what constitutes excellence.

Don’t make a bad impression, have fridge hire facilities which can be run by generator or mains even if you’re in the middle of the grounds.

Fridge hire companies are plentiful but please select one of the best. Cheap and cheerful refrigeration hire could cost you future business.

As online reviews appear on fridge hire firm’s websites it won’t be too tricky to evaluate who should be avoided and who is expertly and conveniently placed to allow your food and drink to attest to your skills.

Fridge trailer rental professionals deliver the trailer, set it up, even moving shelves as required. They’ll leave you to stock it, work in it if you wish, and to make the most of your time at the Great British Food Festival.

At the festival’s end, they’ll collect the fridge trailer rental unit and transport it back to their depot. Perfect.

Fridge hire facilities will help you to develop future business so don’t take any chances, book yours today.

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