Common SEO Mistakes Content Marketers Make


Content marketing and SEO make a highly effective combination when done right. Content marketing, especially blogging, is a great way to drive website traffic and build authority in your specific niche market. If you’re having trouble achieving good SEO results, avoiding the common mistakes listed here will help.

Focusing on the Length of the Content

If you’ve been into content marketing for a while, you’ve probably heard that, when it comes to SEO, long-form content works better than short form content, also generating more social shares. The truth is that long posts or articles have their disadvantages. Most people have a preference for shorter content, and the majority won’t even read long articles. While word count recommendations from experts can be used as a guide, it’s a good idea to post shorter, high quality content as well.

Exclusively Concentrating on SEO

Trying to optimize all of your content for search engine rankings can be a huge mistake says Chris Poole of CT SEO Company. Instead, focus on creating great content instead of just on SEO. Sure, getting recurring traffic from SEO is important, but content that’s not optimized can help as well. Promoting a well written article that’s relevant to your target audience can help you become an expert in your niche. It’s a lot easier to get people to respond to your emails and to achieve natural links to your content when your audience is acquainted with your brand.

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Not Linking Internally

A surprising number of content marketers focus on building external links, not bothering to do any internal linking. When you finally achieve enough authority for your landing page or website, you’ll be able to rank for your keywords from internal linking on its own. Internal links inform search engines about pages on your site, blog or landing pages that are important which in turn will help you reach higher search rankings. Internal links will also drive traffic to the articles you’ve already written. A good rule of thumb is to link to one or two of your past articles from the new posts you write.

Not Promoting Older Posts

Most content marketers write an article or blog post and quickly forget all about it. What they should be doing is promoting their old content and there are a lot of ways to do it. For example, you can update and re-introduce an old post, driving more links and shares to it, which in turn can generate higher search engine rankings. You can also promote old posts using autoresponders, guest post mentions, social promotions, etc.

Not Producing Enough Content

A lot of content marketers are so focused on creating long form SEO content that stands out that they don’t create and post enough content. It’s impossible to rank for keywords if you don’t write content to target the keywords. If you don’t write enough content, you’re going to miss out on significant amounts of long-tail SEO traffic. Research has shown that companies that post 16 or more times a month generate approximately 3.5 times more traffic than those that just post a couple of times a month.

Avoid the common SEO content marketing mistakes listed here and you’re sure to see an improvement in your search engine rankings.

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