An in-depth look at the fantastic shop management system, Tekmetric

here is a lot of buzz in the auto repair sector about a new shop management software, Tekmetric. This buzz is brought about by the software’s holistic approach to shop management system something which is pretty unique in this sector. Tekmetric, the auto shop software has gotten a lot of praise from the few entrepreneurs in the auto repair sector. This praise has given the software a lot of popularity, and its adoption in shops countrywide is expected to skyrocket soon. Here is a summary of the industry changing software and the features and benefits that make it stand out.

A little background

Tekmetric shop management system was developed by the witty auto repair businessmen, Sunil Patel, and Prasanth Chilukuri. The businessmen appeared on the March issue cover of Rachet + Wrench courtesy of their successful Motorwerks Auto Group. Patel and Chilukuri have been working in the auto repair industry for more than 20 years through their Motorwerks Auto Group. They mentioned that over these years, they had experienced a lot of difficulties with the shop management software they had been using. They added that over the 20 years they tried different software even paid premium rates, but nothing had worked. Devastated by this state of affairs, they decided to come up with their own shop management software. That’s how this auto shop management software was conceptualized.

Distinguishing ground-breaking features

Entrepreneurs and innovators, Sunil Patel and Prasanth Chilukuri, build their auto shop management software with a lot of features never seen in the industry before. These features include:

Access Anywhere

Tekmetric allows entrepreneurs in the auto repair industry to access the platform from anywhere they are as long as they can access the internet. This feature makes it easy for you as a shop owner to monitor the progress of your business even when you are away from it.

Additionally, through this auto shop software, you run your auto repair business as if you were physically there even when you are away. You can schedule appointments, make OEM parts orders, and also communicate with your customers with ease thanks to this access anywhere feature. This feature is very useful for those running multiple shop outlets or franchises.

Enterprise-level security

In this is the digital age; data security is a very crucial aspect of any business. Tekmetric comes bundled with enterprise-level security to keep your data safe from unwanted individuals. This software features a regularly updated top-level encryption that prevents unauthorized access of data both online and offline. Additionally, Tekmetric shop management system features a multi-level password entry system. This means that you can give a specific password to your employee for only the feature they need to access from the system. This prevents your customer data from being seen by unwanted individuals.

All-in-one platform

Tekmetric gives you the functionality of all the other shop management software in one package. Before the entry of this auto shop software into the market, several half-baked solutions frustrated most shop owners. This software took all of these half-baked solutions, streamlined them and added some new useful features. So, you no longer need to have a number of management solutions to run your business, only Tekmetric shop management system.


There are numerous benefits to using this shop management software. They include:

In-built OEM parts database coupled with integrated labor guide

Powerful, reliable workflow management

In-built full-featured calendar to help you schedule appointments and reminders

Paperless operations for estimation, authorization, and invoicing

The auto shop software also allows automation of most of its functions

Unlimited users per location which a big limit for most competing software

Record-breaking, 99.99% uptime, guaranteeing you continued productivity and efficiency

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