A Guide to Choosing a Car Transportation Company

Car transportation is a specialist operation! Get it wrong and there will inevitably be a high price to pay. Having to suffer the ignominy of a broken down vehicle is bad enough without the insult of bumps and scratches incurred by incorrect loading onto an inadequate trailer.

And that sums up the choices you have;

  1. Cheap and laughable or
  2. Slick and secure

It’s a bit like trying to fix the tele with a hammer, insufficient technical knowledge and incorrect tools.

Find the right people, with the right tools for the job!


  • How do I find the right company?


First off seek recommendations, maybe from someone you know or from others who have an experience to share. Go online by all means, but be warned there’s a minefield of potential disasters lurking behind every Google search.

The company you require is one with certain essential credentials, a company that has:

  1. Been in business for a goodly number of years with an established track record of excellence
  2. A reputation backed up by customers’ personal recommendations
  3. A sizeable fleet of ‘ready and waiting’ recovery vehicles.
  4. An easy to navigate website, helpful and knowledgeable staff and essentially
  5. A swift response

That’s not asking a lot, is it?

Furthermore, in the highly unlikely event of some misfortune befalling your vehicle whilst in transit, you can rest assured that White’s are comprehensively insured. What’s more, they are themselves experienced restoration and repair experts.

I have an extremely valuable antique Rolls Royce?

Me too. Should you suffer the misfortune of breaking down on the way to Balmoral, don’t call your butler or that dear little man who owns his own set of screw drivers. Call … White’s Vehicle Transport.

A vintage Rolls requires extreme loving care; as does my decrepit, yet adorable, Hillman Minx … I call it a Rolls.


  • Yea but, what happens if I break down in France?


I assume you are referring to your car and not your mental condition. White’s Vehicle Transport casts it web throughout Europe. They’ll get to you in no time, whether you’re in France or Bodmin.


  • What about my motorcycle?


That’s a question of huge concern, the truth is no one cares about your motorcycle … except White’s Vehicle Transport!

I really am underemployed.

White’s Vehicle Transport are a specialist company, how many times do I have to say that! (I’m actually contracted to say it once more, sorry: however they are pretty brilliant)


  • In conclusion


White’s Vehicle Transport are based in West Sussex, but their pick-up and delivery service extends throughout the country. No matter what type of vehicle or the reason why it needs transporting, White’s Vehicle Transport are the company to contact.

They have the expertise and the right equipment to transport all types of vehicles safely.

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