A Beginner’s Guide to Forex Trading

For beginners, forex trading may appear to be very complex.  That’s understandable. It’s difficult to absorb all the things going on in the Online Forex Trading market.  

However, what you simply have to do is to take time and study these things.  As you progress, you’ll see the ideas and concepts getting clearer and clearer until you’re no longer intimidated by their complexity.

For other traders, especially those who are fond of fundamental analysis, financial statements can be very helpful when they’re building up their trading system.  Meanwhile, many others prefer to look at forex technical indicators on the chart and make their trades based on visual signals.

In this article, we’ll help you kick start your HQBroker Trading Benefits learning process.

Read, read, read

This is perhaps the very first thing you need to do when you want to start a forex trading career.  Most of the time, rookie traders go to forex glossaries to learn a thing or two about the jargon used in the forex market.

After that, you can hang around somewhere in forex trading forums.  You can read and study what other rookie and professional traders say about forex trading and the forex market.  Try to interact. Ask questions, and learn as much as you can from them.

Open a demo account

One demo account goes a long, long way, if used properly.  Demo accounts are made to help traders practice the way they will trade in the real world.  That means they can use strategies and plan of actions that they intend to use when they’re up for the real battle.  

When you sign up and create a demo account, you should always make the most out of it.  Experiment with your trades. Don’t hesitate to try out new strategies in order to find one that perfectly suits your trading personality.  Don’t worry, because you won’t lose any amount of real money if the experiment doesn’t go as planned.

In order to make all of this workable, you need to treat your demo trades as if they will real trades.  In short, make demo trading feel as closer to reality as possible.

Learn Risk Management

Forex risk management is definitely one of the key skills you need to learn if you plan on being a successful forex trader.  Without it, you’d be losing money and even your entire trading career.

Risk management involves careful considerations of various elements in your trade, such as the entry and exit points, amount of leverage to be used, the timing in relation to the market conditions, and diversification, among other things.  

The best time to learn something about risk management is when you’re not risking any amount of money yet.   Hit the books and study stuff like the risk-reward ratio and other money management methods that will help you work out a trading plan.

Open a real account

All your preparations will amount to nothing if you don’t take the real thing by its neck and start trading for real.   But first you got to find a good broker and set aside ample trading capital. You can maybe start with a micro account and test the waters first.  Get a feel of how it’s like to trade with larger money in the future. Focus on kicking off your real forex trading career first.

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