Why Natural Gas is a Green Energy Source

Israel at one point was relying on importing energy sources from other countries, now they have a growing natural gas industry. The amount of natural gas in Israel is now estimated to be enough to supply their demands, as well as enough to allow them to export the natural gas for

profit. Israel now produces its own natural gas from gas fields that are located offshore.

Natural gas is a greener energy source for the reason that it is used to provide energy resources for the people in Israel and in other countries in a cleaner, eco-friendly manner. Natural gas is considered a green energy source because it burns cleaner than any other fossil fuel. It gives off lower emissions of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxides. The natural gas in Israel is considered to be a non-renewable hydrocarbon, its uses include cooking, warming, and electricity production. Natural gas is not as clean as solar might be, but it is among the cleanest fossil fuels that can be burned. The main reason it is called a green energy source is that it produces fewer emissions than any other energy source. Many people see natural gas in Israel as footwork toward a zero carbon-producing energy source that can be used to produce truly green energy later in the future.

Natural gas produces fewer air pollutants and carbon dioxide than any other fossil fuel that is used to provide energy to people around the world. It is much cleaner to burn natural gas than it is to burn petroleum products or coal. Not only is it considered greener but it is also capable of producing the same amount of energy without all the negative effects of burning petroleum products or coal to create power or heat. The use of natural gas to produce energy is a step closer to finding a resource that will produce no emissions, which would make it 100% clean for the environment. Climate change is real, and without consideration of what we are burning is doing to our world, there will be consequences.

Natural gas in Israel not only fights climate change but allows Israel to improve its economy, thus benefiting Israel in multiple ways. Green energy sources are anything that gives off little to no emissions into our atmosphere. In the case of natural gas, it is considered green due to the number of emissions it gives off which is very low.

Overall, natural gas in Ia green energy source for multiple reasons. The main reason being the emissions that are produced when it is burned to provide energy for our homes and businesses. The use of natural gas is a step closer to producing a fuel that gives off even fewer emissions. Green energy sources are providing for a better atmosphere and a better life for those that live nearby. We all want to have a green planet and clean air.

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