The Most Creative Courses that you can take in London!

London is the city of creativity. If you feel you would love to express this inspirational theme and learn or develop a skill, why not try floristry? Flowers are an integral part of our everyday lives. They are used in the domain of a celebration, given to express love and offered for mourning. 

Moreover, the diverse cultures of London means that more people than ever are beginning to engage in floristry and the creative courses within the capital are in such great demand. Flower arranging and creating floral displays for customers and their specific celebrations has become very big business. 

It is not just a business but an art form too. The London Flower School is one of the top tuition places for teaching this art through the world of flowers. It is not just classic floristry that will be covered, but much more besides. 

At the London Flower School, it believes in expanding the art of floristry to beyond simple flower arranging. If you want to get in touch with your creative spirit and you love flowers, then this could well be one of the most creative classes you could take in London.

Engaging with the Aesthetic

The school has a vision that floristry should come from the mind of the student. It actively encourages those present to create their own vision. Passion and freedom of expression are placed well above the textbook step-by-step guides and this only seeks to create a new dynamic and better visual concept. 

However, there are basic techniques of flower arranging and display floristry that cannot be simply ignored. The London Flower School will teach these ways too. Floral bouquets are not simply assembled to a cut and pasted specification, rather they are created from the hearts and minds of the students. 

The tutors at the school are there to encourage this freedom of expression while teaching the basics of all floristry. The comprehensive courses available at the school are among the biggest in the entire capital. There are one-week long courses, two-week specials and career course for those who want to take up floristry as a profession.

Why wouldn’t students take up floristry as a business? As we pointed out: flowers form a rich part of many cultures across the world – particularly those from the Asian continent and demand for dynamic displays is growing. 


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