Why give Staff Flexible Benefits?

There are huge benefits on offer to companies that give its staff flexible benefits. Keeping the best talent at your business, is perhaps the most obvious example. Flexible benefits will help even the best talent stay on board and keep your business in profit. 

Having a Premium Employee Benefits Platform is an excellent idea. This will help to keep those key players working for you and not the opposition. Flexible Benefits Schemes will help the best stay and those on the outside want to come in. 

Recruiting New and Talented Staff Just Became a Whole Lot Easier

Employee recruitment will become a lot easier when the business starts to offer flexible benefits. Word will quickly spread around when a certain organisation starts offering its personnel key flexible benefits that will attract the brightest talent. 

The benefits you offer have to be relevant to them. While offering store discount schemes and theatre ticket discounts is an excellent idea for some, others may find this not very useful at all. 

Holidays – Buying and Selling is What Employees Love

Let us say your employees enjoy on average around 25 days of paid annual leave per year. Not all staff will need to take five weeks off in the year and some would rather work some of those days and gain extra money for it. 

There are other employees that might wish to take their families off on a holiday to a far-flung destination and remain there for six weeks. 

Australia, United States, New Zealand or South America for example. 

Buying a week of extra annual leave would really satisfy these employees who have decided to go off on a long excursion around the world and knowing their job will be safely waiting for them upon return. 

Get on Your Bike

More employees than ever before are cycling to work. It is a lot cheaper and definitely healthier. It will also reduce the carbon footprint. Employers are offering many schemes where they will present a token to spend at a cycle shop to encourage the employee to cycle into work. 

The voucher will often include the price of a brand new cycle, headgear, lights, gloves and a number of other accessories that go with cycling. In return, the employee will promise to ride in to the workplace every morning and they get to keep the bike for personal use outside working hours.

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