Brand Evaluation Using Balanced Scorecard and KPI

Strong brand is easily the most valuable intangible asset of the organization. Although brands aren’t for auction on corporate balance sheets, they play key role in figuring out the business’s success within the lengthy-term perspective. Effective brands allow companies to effectively manage premium prices, reduce relative power the trade, increase communication effectiveness, attract managing talent, and lower vulnerability to downturns. Scorecards or KPIs in line with the motorists of brand name value, provide focused and actionable measures for optimal brand management.

Based on the research conducted by Interbrand, one of the main brand consultancies, strong brands take into account more than a third of shareholder value. Share prices of companies with well-known brands have considerably greater investment returns minimizing risk rate in comparison to the stock exchange in general.

Brand includes a clearly identifiable financial value communicated within the cost tag connected having a specific brand. This financial value represents the economical value of the trademark towards the owner. The company equity is really a fusion from the capitalized worth of the consumer’s rely upon the company and it is future product sales potential (commercial exploitability of the trademark). Consumer awareness of the trademark is really a effective motivation for that customer to think about purchasing the brand product. Besides, the effectiveness of the company equity promotes consumer loyalty and energizes the people to get these products consistently and frequently more than a lengthy time period. It ought to be noted the brand value is produced only when ongoing positive earning streams could be generated because of customer purchases.

Brand equity is definitely an intangible asset of the organization. Therefore, to determine its financial value, the organization management should identify key performance indicators (KPI) from the branded business, after which determine the amount that each KPI is directly affected by the company. The information for that analysis originates from researching the market, client workshops and interviews from the (potential) customers.

The company measurements could be classified in three groups: Brand perception, Brand performance, and Brand financial value. Each category includes several KPIs, which lead towards the total brand value.

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